Precision Shelf-Pin Jig 1/4" & 5mm Shelf Pin Hole Drilling Jig



Precision Shelf Pin Jig 1/4 inch and 5mm, aluminum alloy shelf pin drilling jig drill guide for straight holes shelf  pin drilling jig cabinet hardware jig shelf pin drilling template woodworking tools. shelf pin straight hole drill guide is made of all metal and help you drill precise seven holes one time. Easy to use and perfect for shelves installation.

Standard 32 mm Pitch Creating 1/4 In and 5 mm Shelf Pin Drilling Jig Templates. 32mm Cabinet Hardware Drilling Template.

  • All Metal Shelf Pin Jig 1/4 Inch

Precision Shelf Pin Jig Template Cabinet Hardware Shelf Pin Jig Drilling Guide
Precision Shelf Pin Jig Template Cabinet Hardware Shelf Pin Jig Drilling Guide
  • All Metal Shelf Pin Jig 5mm 

Precision Shelf Pin Jig Template Cabinet Hardware Shelf Pin Jig Drilling Guide
Precision Shelf Pin Jig Template Cabinet Hardware Shelf Pin Jig Drilling GuideLevoite Shelf Pin Jig


  • Durable and Accurate: Levoite shelf pin drilling jig is made of high quality aluminum alloy including 7pcs hardened drill guide.The shelf pin jig is durable to use and can drill accurate straight hole easily.
  • Work Faster and Professional: Levoite metal cabinet jig provides stable and precision drill performance. The shelf pin drill guide for shelf pins can drill 7pcs 1/4 Inch straight holes one time at 1-1/4 Inch distance for shelves building. All metal door hinge jig make your job faster and save time.
  • Versatile Cabinet Hardware Jig: Levoite cabinet hardware installation template including 32mm hole distance and accurate and clean 1/4 Inch shelf pin hole drilling are suitable for shelf pin installation. Including locating pin can fit for longer or larger project. You can also combine two or more jigs together for drilling more holes one time.
  • Fits for Woodworking, DIY and Home Improvement: The shelf pin jig 1/4 Inch is easy to adjust and use for anybody. Provides with 37/50/64mm edge distance can meet your different meet of shelves DIY and repair. Everybody can create your own shelves easily by using Levoite shelf pin drilling guide.
Precision Shelf Pin Drilling Jig Template
Precision Shelf Pin Jig Cabinet Hardware Shelf Pin Template Jig Drill GuidePrecision Shelf Pin Jig Cabinet Hardware Shelf Pin Template Jig Drill Guide
Levoite Shelf Pin Drilling Jig Template Cabinet Hardware Jig Shelf Pin Jig Drill GuideLevoite Shelf Pin Drilling Jig Template Cabinet Hardware Jig Shelf Pin Jig Drill Guide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Eric K.
    Well made and accurate, good materials, easy to read.

    This is machined out of a single piece of large thick Aluminum alloy plate. It is well made and perefectly flat. The markings are very clear being white on top of black. It is perfectly accurate, immensely helpful

    D. Giff
    Nice helpful jig

    This is a nicely executed drilling jig that will be very useful if you're drilling a row of shelf pins holes on a project. The jig is machined and finished well, and I appreciate the dimension markings on the top.There are also nice points to align holes with markings on the work piece. The included drill bit and depth collar worked well. I was able to drill a row of pin holes that lined up nicely and were at a consistent depth. It would have been more difficult to accomplish that without the jig. I feel this jig is well worth the price if your project involves drilling shelf pins.

    Steve V.
    Well Designed Quality Jig

    I’ve built a number of shelf pin router bushing jigs from ¼” Masonite over the years and they’ve served me well. The down side is that they’re not particularly durable and it takes forever to make them. This jig is extremely well made, accurate, easy to setup and use, and built like a tank.

    J. Scoob
    Best multi use jig

    Very well made and easy to use . We bought this jig for drilling the holes for shelf pin but also for drilling holes for custom front bracket for : Hafele slim box , DTC drawers and Hettich Avantech you. Works perfect.

    C. David
    Precise and easy to use jig

    An excellent shelf pin Jig, This jig is super easy to setuo and very accurate. You will have to be a bit careful when clamping it down but it definitely gets the job done nicely.

    Gregory L.
    Works well

    I got this to drill shelf pin holes on several garage cabinets that I am building, I just got through over 300 holes using this jig and it works great, it is easy to use, includes two bits and a stopper and comes with a storage case, saved me a lot of time, would recommend.

    Parviz L.
    Very nice to have when building cabinets or closet shelving

    Redid our closet shelving and wanted to have adjustable shelves vs stationary fixed shelving, this did the trick. As long as you measure correctly and get your first holes lined up this makes the job a breeze.

    Matt H
    Incredibly good quality

    I have a workshop full of different specialized jigs, but this one is one of the best built ones of the bunch. The aluminum body is really thick and just feels like it's made to last. It also happens to be spot-on accurate for spacing and super easy to use as well. This jig helped my to set make a new set of adjustable shelves for my mud room really quickly. The little case that it comes with keeps everything together, so that's nice too.

    Tom M.
    Great quality, Solid shelf pin jig

    This is a solidly made shelf pin jig. It measures 5/16 of an inch thick and is machined very well. I really like the built in pointers that allow you to align the jig with pencil lines on the workpiece. It includes two drill bits along with a stop collar and hex key to adjust depth of cut. The case is a nice touch also. Its made from thick enough plastic to protect the jig, and the latches close securely. The product images appropriately show the jig being clamped in place, which is essential if you want accurate holes.

    It would be nice if they had included 1/4 inch bushings also just for more versatility. But overall its a very nice jig, and 5mm pins are readily available.

    One of the first jigs you should buy

    Even if you're just weekend DIYing in your garage, this pin jig is almost certain to find its way into your workbench top drawer. This will do ortholinear shelf pin holes all day long, but also is extremely useful even if you're just locating or laying out drill or fastener holes in a workpiece. It's very well made -- I love that the drill guides are substantial and go the full thickness of the jig itself, the finish and measurements look and feel outstanding.