Levoite™ Pro Cabinet Hardware Jig Adjustable Drill Guide for Handle and Knob


Most Versatile and Trusted Cabinet Jig.
Fast and repeatable, just what you want when installing a kitchen's worth of pulls. Levoite™ Pro & Pro Max Cabinet Hardware Jig Adjustable Drill Guide

Perfect Hardware Every Time.
Get perfect alignment every time and in a snap! Simply position guides and stops along the T-square's inch/metric scales, tighten thumb screws, and bore away.Reversible for left or right handed parts with perfect alignment for knobs and handles. 

Learn how to use Levoite Pro in just 5 minutes! Now you can install cabinet hardware like a pro, avoiding extra hours of labor and costly do-overs! Installs knobs and handles without the tedious hours of measuring or making jigs – fast, accurate hardware installation in seconds, every time. 

cabinet handle installation jig cabinet handles template

The ORIGINAL Cabinet Hardware Jig.
Fastest and most accurate on the market!
Installation in seconds, every time!
Simple, adjustable design.
No clamps or marks,hold in place and drill.
Reversible for repeated settings.

original knob and pull drilling jig/template


【The Original Cabinet Hardware Jig】
  ★(4 main installation functions)
A detailed installation manual is included in the package.

cabinet pull jig cabinet door knob jig

You don’t need to be an expert to use it,Eliminate homemade templates or hand measuring while installing your cabinet pulls and knobs. Designed for professionals and DIY’ers to make installations faster, easier and more precise. 

jig for installing cabinet hardware cabinet hole jigLevoite™ Pro Cabinet Hardware Jig Adjustable Drill GuideLevoite™ Original Cabinet Hardware Jig for Handle and Knob

The drilling template is adjustable and reversible. Its convenience greatly increases the speed of hardware installation, thus reducing the stress of adding hardware to the cabinet.Punch Locator is perfectly works on any cabinet door handles,knobs and hinge plates. The edges of all rulers and sliding drill guides are upgraded by chamfer, more smooth, protect your hands and furniture surface, no scratch.

cabinet pull jig drill guide

This wood drilling template tool prevents costly mistakes and ensure perfect installation of hardware every time.if you have done the left door, just flip it over and it's already easy setup for the right door.

cabinet hole jig tool for drilling holes in cabinets

Levoite Pro is ideal for installing kitchen drawers, cabinets, cupboards, door handles and drawer fronts, hinge, or Shelf.Which is specifically designed to make hole alignment and handle installation a breeze!

cabinet door knob jig cabinet knob drilling jig
jig for drilling holes in cabinets cabinet pull drill guide

Unlike cheap plastic components that break or quickly wear out, our Adjustable Drill Guide are sturdy and tough, laser engraved rulers won’t fade with time. The case-hardened steel bushings are engineered to last more than 8000 holes. And all bushing are replaceable, extend drilling time extremely.

cabinet handle installation jig drawer pull installation jig

No need to call costly professionals anymore. Use our adjustable, simple and highly-accurate cabinet knob template tool to install hardware 10x faster and more accurately.

cabinet door knob jig cabinet door pull jig

All parts are precision machined to tolerances of ± 0.0002 inches by CNC machine tools and calibrated to 0.001 square inches. The scale of the ruler is laser etched and does not fade over time.

jig for installing cabinet handles cabinet pull jig

Can be used on any closet door, door handles, and recessed front drawers. Multifunctional design that can even quickly drill holes in shelves and install hinge plates in assembled or disassembled cabinets.

cabinet hardware jig cabinet handle jig cabinet pull jig

Use our accurate hardware installation jig to drill holes and install cabinet or drawer pulls and handles with zero effort. Just set the hardware spacing, adjust the desired location, tighten and drill! Save time and money and get the job done right!

cabinet hole jig jig for installing cabinet hardware

The speed of our fixtures and easy installation of hardware is 10 times faster. Our adjustable double-sided drilling template can reduce the pressure of adding hardware to the cabinet. The versatile design even allows you to quickly drill the shelf pin holes and install the hinge plates in assembled or unassembled cabinets.

Levoite cabinet hardware installation jig tool
template for installing cabinet handles

Eliminate homemade templates or manual measurements when installing cabinet handles and knobs. Designed for professionals and DIY personnel, making installation faster, easier and more precise. 

cabinet hardware guide drawer pull template

Levote pro prevents costly mistakes and ensure perfect installation of hardware every time.This hardware jig tool is a large time saver in any case.No clamps or marks,just hold in place and drill.

jig to install cabinet handles cabinet drawer hardware template
template for drilling holes in cabinet doors

★Cheap Tools = Expensive Mistakes
With hardware jigs, there is no replacement for extreme accuracy. Any error built into an inferior tool will result in noticeably out of place hardware, and errors will be doubled when drilling doors. In addition, the longer the handle is, the worse the error becomes. These examples are known as the exponential distortion effect and are the reason that a cabinet hardware jig requires such unique, extreme precision. Whether it's the products inherent out of tolerance build or the lack of strength needed while drilling through the template, there are expensive consequences of 2nd rate tools.

cabinet handle jig cabinet hole jig

Major components are made from aircraft grade forged aluminum, with no plastic parts that break down and wear out quickly. Surface-hardened steel bushings extend service life.

levoite cabinet handle jig kitchen knob template drawer pull template

Detailed installation manual is included in the package.Detailed installation steps will be explained in the installation guide manual.

The Original Cabinet Hardware Jig for Handles and Knob


best cabinet pull installation tool




cabinet hardware jig + case
Levoite Pro Cabinet hardware Jig for handle and pull

Follow Our Video Using Levoite Pro
Installing Your Cabinet Handles & Knobs Easily.

Levoite offered replaceable bushings
Each set of cabinet jig includes replaceable stainless steel bushings.Do not worry about bushings wear due to long term use.Simply replace a bushing and you have a brand new jigs!

How to Replace the Bushing When It Wears Out? Cabinet hardware jig/Template

Original Cabinet Hardware Jig
Install knobs and handles in seconds with the most accurate jig on the market. Perfect results every time on any cabinet door or drawer front. Levoite Cabinet Hardware Jig Template Adjustable Drill Guide for Accurate Installation of Door and Drawer Front Handles and Knobs Punch Locator. Cabinet Jig for Handles and Pulls on Drawers & Cabinets, Cabinet Hardware Template Tool Kit, Most Accurate Tool for Knobs and Pulls. 

Levoite Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Cabinet Hole Jig Drawer Pull and Handle Jig TemplateLevoite Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Cabinet Hole Jig Drawer Pull and Handle Jig TemplateLevoite Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Cabinet Hole Jig Drawer Pull and Handle Jig TemplateLevoite Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Cabinet Hole Jig Drawer Pull and Handle Jig TemplateLevoite Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Cabinet Hole Jig Drawer Pull and Handle Jig Template
Levoite Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Cabinet Hole Jig Drawer Pull and Handle Jig Template

We're proud to have over 40,000 happy customers from all around the world. Having made some of the most innovative products , we want to make sure we back that up. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the Levoite products, Simply return it for a FULL refund within 30 days after you have received your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Glenn Smith

A must have! Replaced 17 drawer handles yesterday in about an hour. All of them perfectly centered horizontally and vertically without any fuss or issues. Very simple to use. 100% metal, no plastic, solid and true. Holds tight while moving from drawer to drawer. Well worth the money!

Kenneth J. Naszradi
It made all handles nice & straight

I felt like a pro using this jig to install over 100 pulls and knobs on my wooden cabinets.Worth the price!Made a Hard Job Easier and Perfect.

Timothy Schosek

We’ve done 75 handles so far and this works better than expected. Just use pliers to tighten knobs so you don’t lose your setting. Would definitely recommend and buy again.

Paul Sassler
Works great

Easy setup and really really accurate.This product did the job and did it well. If you have multiple cabinets to add pulls to, you find the middle point on the cabinet, set the jig and it stays put for each cabinet after that.

James Snyder
A must have for kitchen remodeling.

This product is a life saver if you are adding knobs or handles to your cabinets. We had 23 different cabinet faces to measure and drill and this device allowed us to do it all in under an hour. I highly recommend this to make the job easier and reduce the stress.

Robert D Eames
Good investment

Easy to adjust for different sizes of handles,Used it for both doors and drawers. Allowed precise location and repeatability of knobs and handles. Definitely worth the money.

Mike Morrow

Works great!

Brian P.W.
Made a Hard Job Easier and Perfect

I had already struggled with changing the hardware in my kitchen, and the plastic jigs were useless to me (they move, slip and are never the right size). Only when I was tasked to replace the hardware on a lovely '80's kitchen that had previously centered handles did I have to find something that would really do the job. I just wasn't going to suffer adjusting and readjusting until they were perfect. I was sure there was something that really solved the problem, and I couldn't be the only person looking for one. There are pro's doing this and I was sure they wouldn't put up with the junk offered in big box stores (hey, I love them too). Finally I found this jig ,The jig is lovely and well made. When I made my handle adjustments and measurements it was not challenging to finish the handle placements. Be aware that the screws can loosen if not snug, so give them an extra twist for good measure. All your holes are going to be straight as the jig guides the drill bit. It was very satisfying to stand back and admire the fine job the jig made possible. Considering the original price of the cabinets, and the cost of the handles, I was able to make it easier to swallow the price. This jig is worth the extra stretch to buy it.

Chris R.
Made Me Look Like a Pro

The Pro Cabinet Hardware Jig made installing 93 cabinet pulls a breeze! I originally purchased a much cheaper jig, but returned it because there was too much "play" in the measurements and wouldn't allow precise placement of my hardware. This jig was worth every penny!

Marvin h.
Excellent tool - versatile - well made

Excellent, well manufactured product with clear, easy to follow instructions. I consistently drilled straight, accurate measured parallel holes for long pulls quickly. Made installing crystal knobs in the exact right place a breeze. Take the time to set the hole guides where they should be for any size pull, lock the placement with machined precision and it’s an excellent tool.Worth every penny