Levoite™ Precision Right Angle Positioning Squares Ruler Clamp


Descriptions :
Woodworking Precision Clamping Square,Aluminium Alloy 90 Degree Positioning Squares,Right Angle Clamps for Woodworking, L Shape Auxiliary Fixture Machinist Square with Metric and Inch Sacle Right Angle Positioning Ruler Clamp.

Material : Aluminium alloy
Surface treatment : Anodized  
Size : 120x120MM
Thickness : 16MM
Scales : Metric and Inch
Angle : 90° right angle

Features :
1. With metric and inch scales(Each square with metric and inch scales).
2. Aluminum alloy material and anodized treatment, high hardness, rustproof, non-corrosive, permanent use.
3. Ground and lapped for straightness and parallelism.
4. True right angles for both inside and outside squares.
5. Designed to be attached to boxes, frames, etc. to help with squaring during glue up.
6. 90 degree positioner is suitable for wooden jigs.
7. Accurate calibration, easy operation, not easy to damage fragile cutting edges.
8. This Right Angle positioner has two extra slots.
right angle positioning squares

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ryan Roberts

Great item to have.bsolutely spot on. Square as square can be and really useful 3rd hand when assempling / glue ups.

R. Wilson

I confirm that it is an object very well made and of good quality. Double scale of measurement: centimeters and inches. Very versatile. Precise.

Allen Thompson

Very well made assembly teams. Anodization accurate and uniform; precise to 90° and finished very well! The photographic description does not make him credit. I am absolutely satisfied and recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying them.

John Lewis

Top!! The most important performance - precise, which is not always obvious. Here it is perfectly 90 °. Perfectly rounded edges, no sharp edges. Legible millimeter and inch ruler.