Our goal is for each person, as they are, to develop their full potential as part of a diverse, creative and innovative team.


At levoite we believe in the power of people. Each person is unique and we all have something to learn and teach. We grow together.


We're nonconformist and curious. We’re moved by the constant search for different ways of doing things, to be more efficient, to improve.


Our teams are made up of individuals with different profiles, cultures, origins and experiences, and we are proud to promote work environments where they can give their best, being accepted as they are.


We want the effects we generate to be positive for everyone. We think and act in a sustainable and transparent way, always working towards the goal of creating attractive, ethical and quality fashion.


We are passionate about creating fashion. We are motivated to make our customers happy and we do not put limits on our teams’ imagination, as we constantly move to the rhythm of fashion.


We believe there is always room for improvement. We rely on our teams’ ability and instinct; we have come this far thanks to the people who have told us where we could improve. We reinvent ourselves and keep going.