Universal Cross Dowel Jig

Build Clever Furniture Designed to Move and Store

Design and build quality furniture that assembles in minutes with Levoite new Universal Cross Dowel Jig. A "cross dowel" is a handy piece of hardware with standard threads cut across a standard dimension steel dowel. Drill two intersecting holes in one piece of stock and a matching hole in its mating piece and you have a joint with mechanical strength equal or greater than the most complicated traditional joinery.

Levoite Universal Cross Dowel Screw Jig levoite
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Levoite™ Universal Cross Dowel Flat Head Screw Jig

DESCRIPTION: 2 in 1 Screw Jig Adjustable Drilling Puncher Dowel Drill Guide Kit for Bed Cabinet Punch Locator Woodworking Tools.Cross Dowel jigs ar...

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from $65.79

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