Levoite™ Precision 3 IN 1 Doweling Jig Cam and Dowel Jig Kit


LEVOITE® Woodworking Tool Expert
It is a perfect DIY Woodworking Doweling Jig kit for Furniture Fast Connecting Cam Fitting Drilling Locator. Cam Lock Connector Jig, Cam and Dowel Jig, Easy to operate and use, 3 in 1 Adjustable Doweling Jig Furniture Cam Lock Jig Minifix Jig Kit. Levoite dowel jig kit is suitable for making edge-to-edge, edge-to-surface and edge-to- corner joints, easy to use to fix your woodworking projects more nicely.



  • Material: Be made of aluminum alloy, anodizing surface treatment,laser engraving scale
  • Parts: Stainless steel drill sleeve+brass stop block
  • Adjustable Metal Bushings
  • Maximum clamping range: 38mm
  • 8/15mm bushings accurate alignment when drilling hole,easy to adjusting drilling height and hole depth
  • More specifications of bushing are available

Can be used for woodworking, quick positioning for different thickness, easy to producing joints.

Levoite Cam and Dowel Jig Cam Lock Jig Cam Fitting JigLevoite™ Precision Doweling Jig Kit Cam Lock Jig Cam and Bolt Connector JigLevoite Precision Doweling Jit Kit
Levoite™ Precision Doweling Jig Kit Cam Lock Jig Cam and Bolt Connector Jig
Levoite™ Precision Doweling Jig Kit Cam Lock Jig Cam and Bolt Connector JigLevoite Furniture Cam Lock Jig Cam Conector Jig Cam and Dowel Jig
Levoite™ Precision Doweling Jig Kit Cam Lock Jig Cam and Bolt Connector JigLevoite Dowel Jig Kit Cam Lock Jig SystemLevoite Cam and Dowel Jig Cam Fitting Jig Minifix Jig

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Matt H.
Very high quality dowel jig with 8mm, 10mm, and 15mm drill bits

Excellent dowel jig
* Super high quality. The Dowel Jig is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and has a nice weight to it.
* Laser-etched dimensional scales and adjustable metal bushings allow for precise positioning and alignment during drilling.
* Included are 8mm, 10mm, and 15mm drill bits.
* Compact and portable
* Rust-Resistant due to the anodized surface of the jig.
* I have several dowel jigs in my workshop, this one is a keeper!

* Nothing at all. 5-Stars!

Leo Potneck
Excellent jig, just remember to properly align first!

you can see pictures of my test piece. The dowels are very snug in their holes and they’re perfectly spaced.this is a very solid well built jig. It works perfectly (just maybe not the operator - lol). This jig is 10x better than the plastic jigs I purchased from the local well-known woodworking place.

Daniel H.
A Worthwhile Tool

This has made my butt joining much easier and by adding dowels to my joins, it is adding much appreciated strength to my joins.

The tool itself has a small learning curve, but for my needs, it was pretty straight forward. This jig takes the guess work out of hole placement and practically eliminates out of alignment join holes. This is based on placing dowels on the outside edges of the joins. I have not yet used this jig to locate a dowel in the middle of the board.
The jig kit comes with everything you'll need to get you running immediately.
I will get a lot of use from this jig. Great addition to my workshop.

Forrest Peterson

The product is 100% complete. Arrive at the destination in time. Although the product is a little expensive for me, the quality is very good. But how beautiful its packaging is (every detail is put in a separate box of foam), I can't imagine!

Philip J Vallières

Very good product. Thanks to seller.

Joseph M Gulley

Items as advertised website, arrived well packed, fast shipping, great finish product, recommend seller.

Howard H.
Perfect for my simple DIY project

I was on a mission to create frame boxes to complement my newly redone IKEA Pax owners closest. I had some spare IKEA melamine pieces that I needed to connect and this little jig was exactly the tool I needed. Can recommend without hesitation.

Jordan F.
Solidly-built Dowel & Cam Lock Jig

This works great for joining panels, either end to end, or at angles. It comes with all the bits you need as well as depth stop collars and had eat to read and use measurements.

Ralph J. Wood
Takes a little practice

This is one of the handiest jigs that I have in my wood shop but it did take some practice to master it. But, then, as someone once said, practice makes perfect. Once you get use to the set-up, this doweling jig is a real time saver. It's also a money saver when working with expensive, custom wood.

Jimmy D.
Good Quality, Easy to Setup

his is a good quality dowel jig, it offers a ton of flexibility in setting it up exactly as you need for your project. The tool itself is well made, it feels like it's going to last for a long