Levoite™ Universal Cross Dowel Flat Head Screw Jig



2 in 1 Screw Jig Adjustable Drilling Puncher Dowel Drill Guide Kit for Bed Cabinet Punch Locator Woodworking Tools.Cross Dowel jigs are very useful for easy, fast and accurate drilling of cross dowel connecting holes. Cross dowel joints represent an easy, strong and practical way to assembly wood pieces.

Build Clever Furniture Designed to Move and Store
Design and build quality furniture that assembles in minutes with Levoite Universal Cross Dowel Jig. Across dowel” is a handy piece of hardware with standardthreads cut across a standard dimension steel dowel. Drill two intersecting holes in onepiece of stock and a matching hole in its mating piece and you have a joint with mechanical strength equal or greater than the most complicated traditional joinery.

The trick in cross dowel joinery is getting the hole for the cross dowel exactly centered with the bolt hole. That' s where Universal Cross Dowel Jig comes in. Bywrapping around your workpiece you have stainless steel guide bushings on the end and the side at the same time and theyre on exactly the same centerline.The end guide bushing directs your drill bit perfectly straight for the bolt hole and the side guide bushing does the same for the cross-dowel insertion hole.

Not only is cross dowel joinery strong the joint can be put together and taken apart as many times as you like without ever loosing integrity. You can build an apartment fullof furniture that all knocks down to a small stack of boards and a bag full of hardware.

Levoite Universal Cross Dowel Jig

1. It adopts aluminum alloy body and stainless steel bushing, which is durable and accurate in use.
2. Includes 5 types of drill sleeves of 6/8/10/12/15 mm to meet the needs of different connectors.
3. Simple operation makes drilling easier and more precise.
4. Wide application-very suitable for DIY home woodworking projects.


PRACTICAL DRILL SLEEVES: Satisfy 6mm and 10mm two-in-one punching needs, 6mm connector: use 6 and 10mm drill sleeves, 8mm connector: use 8 and 12mm drill sleeves. Adjustable metal bushings accurate alignment when drilling hole, easy to adjusting drilling height and hole depth.

Universal Cross Dowel Screw Jig

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The cross oblique flat head punch locator has two sides of locator for drilling with horizontal adjustment range: 13-81mm and longitudinal adjustment range: 12-27mm, clear scale on each side, easy and convenient for you to locate.

EASY TO USE: With a pocket hole jig, it is convenient and easy for you to quickly drill vertical holes to hide the screws in wooden furniture, create accurate woodworking holes, one hand can grasp, easy to operate, small and portable, convenient for woodworking drill locating.

WIDE APPLICATION: Easy to use, suitable for woodworking drilling holes and positioning. High accurate scale, easy to adjusting drilling height and hole depth.

Product material: Aluminum alloy
Product size: 120x60x50mm
Punch bits: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Horizontal adjustment range: 13-80mm
Longitudinal adjustment range: 12-27mm

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Jason Williams
Ease of use and versatile.

Quality And Precision,There is no doubt that the quality and precision of this tool is great, especially considering the price. Everything fits and moves smooth.

Sam Porter

Looks great, works as expected, very good packaging,really fast shipping arrived in a very short time! the tool looks well made and solid.

James Bouvia

Pleased with the goods which are well made and perform great.

Mike Woodworking

That was surprisingly fast and I am also absolutely happy with the quality of the ordered tool. It was exactly what I had hoped for. high precision processing.Happy with the purchase, thank you.