Levoite™ Precision Cam Lock Jig Cam Connector Jig for Furniture Connecting


Description :
Woodworking Precision Cam Lock Jig Cam Connector Jig for Furniture Connection.Drilling Locator Tool Kit Aluminum Alloy Cam Lock Hole Connector Jig Kit System Drill 8mm/15mm Hole.Cam and Dowel Jig for Furniture Fast Connecting Cam Fitting Drilling Locator,Furniture Cam Jig.

 Feature :

  • 【High-Quality Material】: Aluminium Alloy(6061). Surface Treatment: Anodized. Abrasion resistance, long service life.
  • 【Scale】: Scales with high-precision fiber laser engraving, writing clear, never fade. (non-screen printing, prolonged use of the mark will not wear).
  • 【Woodworking Drilling Locator Tool】: Punching a 8mm thread rod hole and a 15mm eccentric wheel hole. Adjusting range of threaded rod drill sleeve.
  • 【Packing Included】: 1 x Punch locator(With threaded rod 8/10mm and 15mm Eccentric drill bushing), 1 x 8/10/15mm drill bit (with stop ring), 1 x wrench as Half moon, 1 x Allen wrench, 1 x Tool Box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jerry B.
Excellent jig that makes job easy

It would be nearly impossible to use the cam connectors without a jig like this. This worked well too position both sides accurately. Works for joining boards up to about an inch. I didn’t try it for a 90 degree angle joint but it doesn’t appear designed for that - just joints on the same plane.

Eric C. Long
That the Woodworking Drilling Locator Tool Kit Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig Kit System works.

The device was very durable and came complete with everything that I needed to make the holes in the exact location. I was very impressed with the quality of the tool!

Ihsan Kararoglu
Precise work and easy to use

I just started to make my own furnitures like tv stand, wardrobe ... It was taking a considerable time to measure the points of each minifix assembly. So this jig made it easier for me to find the exact locations. On top of it, it was not easy to drill the narrow side of the wood without this jig. It works fine and i am happy. I recommend this item to anyone who is searching a jig like that.

Lori Stifter
Works great

I purchased this to build some large cabinet boxes because IKEA was not able to fulfill my order for 6 months. I used it by aligning the jig to the existing holes in a cabinet that I had already purchased. It worked great and I drilled around 24 cam holes for 3 cabinets. It's made completely out of metal and adjusting is easy. The drill stops were perfect. I'm happy with the results.