Levoite™ Precision Clamping Squares 90/45 Degree Corner Clamps Positioning Assembly Squares


Description: We designed the new 90&45 degree corner clamps as the perfect companion for Clamping Squares.they are More convenient than separate clamps, locking directly into the holes on the squares. Put your panel projects together faster, easier, and more accurately with clamping squares.The new upgrade is that we designed the shape to be a triangle, which will maintain stronger stability than other clamps when assembling your project.

Material: Made of high quality Aluminum alloy 6610 and steel hook, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, durable for long term service.The scientific and reasonable anchor hole spacing can effectively maintain the strength of aluminum alloy and the high precision 45 & 90 degree square.

Scale: Metric and Inch.

Size: 6IN/150MM.

Easy Installation:
45 and 90 degree angle can offer strong balance for convenient use.

Wide Application:
This carpentry right angle jig set can be used to fix and assemble furniture cabinets, picture frames, cabinets, boxes. Suitable for squaring up shelf cabinets and keep a square when assembling cabinets, frames etc.

box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
  • MULTIFUNCTION ANGLE CLAMP: Each angle clamp in this kit has both metric and inch scales and an angle scale. There are scales on the front and side of the angle clamp, which can be used to draw lines and measure the height, length, positioning, and angle of the workpiece.
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping square
  • FAST AND STABLE CLAMPING: This corner clamp can clamp 1-5cm/0.4-2in thick material and the screw on installation method is very easy to set up and attach. Compared with traditional corner clamps, the T-shaped anchor clamps can be better clamped firmly and fixed square in place properly. After removal, it will not leave marks on your material.
box clamps clamping square plus woodworker clamping squareLevoite 45 & 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp Set for Woodworking Precision Positioning Clamping Square
Clamping Squares is the ideal solution when you need to square up perfect corners in your woodworking gluing and assembling applications. Featuring a high-impact metal construction that insures optimal durability and lightweight usability. Unlike foamed plastic squares, these handy accessories won't mar your valuable work materials. It'll be a breeze to create the precision 90-degree/45-degree angled woodwork, so essential in ensuring balanced project outcomes. Quickly and easily clamp on the squares and your set to go. Both the inside and outside edges of these multi-tasking squares can serve as exacting measuring guides.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lawrence A. Johnson
This is a very accurate product. The manufacturing quality is great.

I spent over 30 years working with tight tolerances in machine manufacturing. I am rather impressed with the quality of these. I checked and double checked the accuracy. From an angle standpoint everything measures up properly. None of my measurements were more than 0.1° out. Most measurements were dead nuts on. And after measuring multiple times it's clear these will more than do the job. The knobs and clamping components are excellent. Everything fits. The surface finish and color are consistent. Very good quality control went into manufacturing these.

David Anderson
These are amazing

The whole concept makes assembling projects much easier. Sturdy construction.The 4-pack is the way to go.Starting to build some cabinets. I was worried theses wouldn't be perfectly square. I checked them with my machinist sqaures and they are spot on.

Daniel W.
Beautifully made,Sturdy and well built tool

I'm really happy with this corner clamp. It's sturdy, easy to use, and works well for the jobs I need. The color is nice and overall, I find it to be good quality.

Harold Smith
Excellent quality clamps - amazing value

Solid build quality. Excellent value at these prices. These clamps well exceeded my expectations.Well packaged with cut foam inserts for storage.

John F.
Strong, accurate

This is a really nice pair of angles / multi-use clamps. Short enough so they can be used for shelves attached with dados, sturdy enough to use as a clamp for 45 and 90 degrees.these have so many uses!

Brent Henry
These are really good quality squares/right angle clamps

I was pleased how easy these made cabinet construction. Easy on and off. All units were true and square when I checked them with my square.sturdy construction as well.

William Brian
Excellent quality

Pleasantly surprised great for price,Simple, useful, and accurate. I use them for every woodworking piece I make.Worked great I do recommend

Joseph D Laumann

I am satisfied with goods as well with seller and delivery. Packed well. And the product really has a paper box with a foam insert. Quality is good, beautiful anodized and finally this type has a real angle of 90 (triangle better perpendicularity accuracy than just type L). OK product, I recommend

Gene Mazza
Super High Quality & Design

I was really impressed with the quality and design when I received my order, usually I have to return a lot of shop products because of their poor quality or design. Not the case with these corner clamps, I have been in woodworking for over 40 years and I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for quality corner clamps which can do so much more.

Richard C.
Quality product, very impressed

I really like this set of 45 & 90 degree angles. They are very helpful is joining at a perfect 45 or 90 degree corner. The angles are accurate and simple to use. It may take a couple of tries to get used to them; but after that it will become second nature.

Being made of etched anodized aluminum, these angles are both accurate and built to last. To use these angles just place one piece of wood against the angle and clamp it in. Next take the second piece of wood and clamp it to the angle. You can then make adjustments to the wood pieces until they line up to your satisfaction. If you are doing a glue up, add the glue prior to clamping. If you are joining the pieces using a fastener, you now have both hands free to complete the fastening.

These are handy clamps because they not only perform the function of the standard corner clamp, but you can see the accuracy of your cuts in the clamp.