Levoite™ Cabinet Hardware Jig for Handle and Knob


Levoite Cabinet Hardware Jig:
All metal material, sturdy and durable. During the drilling process, the metal material will effectively avoid the problems of melting caused by high temperature and cracks caused by rapid vibration.

1. Fast cabinet door drawer knob handle installation.
2. Accurate hole punch make installation easy.
3. Clear scales and adjustable width fits for 50 to 170mm.
4.Height Range: 15-65mm
4. Working without any clamp.
5. Save time and make your  work efficient.
6. Made of aluminum alloy, durable and lightweight, easy to carry.

Cabinet hardware template has a built-in measuring scale, which can accurately position the punching position. In addition, the measurement scale recorded by laser technology is not easy to wear and can be read clearly.

Levoite Cabinet handle jig has an adjustable edge guide for easy positioning. This also means that the cabinet installation tools can perform single-hole even multi-hole knob installation.

Width Range: 50-170mm(One Side: 25-85mm)
Height Range: 15-65mm
85mm stroke direction, the farthest drilling distance is 170mm, including standard inch and metric measurement, accurate and fast drilling.

Wide range of applications: The cabinet handle template tool can be perfectly applied to home decoration, such as the drilling and installation of drawer sliding handles, door handles, cabinet handles, etc. In addition, it is also a good helper for woodworking and joinery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Todd Baughman
Heavy duty, robust

Solid aluminum body you do have to use a clamp for really exact holes the drill guides are solid metal and will get you a straight hole It’s worth the extra buck for straight lined up holes

Richard Horton
easy and precise

It was really easy to use and sturdy. I am glad that I bought this one. Very good product.this tool made it much easier to make precise holes for the cabinet doors

Ly Blain
Very easy and a time saver.

Clear easy to read measurements, just set it to your desired width and your height. Then hang it on the drawer or lay it down and drill out the holes and your ready to install the handle. Great product so glad I bought it.

Steven Greenberg

excellent tool and quality,The build quality for this product was top notch .highly recommended!

J. Campbell
Very nice all metal jig

This makes my third cabinet hardware jig I’ve bought or received and this is by far the best of the three.Highly recommended to you as it’s the best tool I’ve used even if it’s not the cheapest. It’s worth the extra few bucks.There is no plastic to be worn down or cause calibration issues. Even though this jig is manufactured to a much better quality from a non name brand company it is way better than that big blue jig made by the company that sounds like “Keg”. Thank you!

Michael H
Simple to use for a newbie

Bought this to do the cabinets in my campervan conversion. I have not done cabinets before, but this thing made it very easy to do. Thumb screws adjust easily and stay in position over multiple doors. Its made of solid metal, feels heavy and like it will last a long time. I am happy with my purchase.

Frank Bileth
Money saver!! Do it yourself

This item was perfect for installing handles on my cabinets.Easy set up, punch works great, measuring each drawer individually would be a nightmare. A must have tool.

Strath Wood
Great Product

I had to install new handles that were 1/2 and inch wider than previous hardware on an installed set up cabinets. They line up perfectly. I don't know how I would have done this without this jig. Well worth the money. Easy to use and wonderfully accurate.

Pascal Blanchette
Simple to Use

I bought this jig to put handles on all my workbench drawers as well as the handles on my bathroom cabinets and it was a breeze to use. All you have to do is set the spacing for the screw holes and then set the spacing for how far from the edge you want to install the handle. I set the spacing for the screw holes by holding the handle up to it and then tightening them in place. After that I set the depth and away I went. Simple to use and every handle looks like it was installed identically.

Ly Blain
Sturdy and easy to use

A sturdy and good template to make sure you install your hardware on cabinets all the same! It would be nice though to have some kind of corner to lean against the cabinet, to make sure it doesn't move when you drill, but other than that, works perfectly. Took a bit to make sure the measure was right, cause instructions are in english only. But once you get it, easy to use.