Levoite was established in September of 2001. Our focus has always been woodworking tools. we've been manufacturing CNC jig and woodworking hand Tools . Starting with little more than a few jigs and clamps we've grown into a full fledged manufacturer of cabinet hardware tools, hinge jig,pocket hole jig,dowel jig measuring & layout tools and many useful clamping accessories. We do our own machining, engraving, assembly and packing. 
Levoite has a mature R&D team, stable production capacity and strict product quality control.

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Creativity and Innovation

We're proud to have over 40,000 happy customers from all around the world.Having made some of the most innovative products,It provides convenience and safety for the construction of various woodworking projects. We never stop innovating and launch the latest products every month.Levoite is a woodworking tool brand with the most professional designers and operations teams ,is committed to offering All families the simple and friendly tool products.Levoite believes can bring as much convenience and enjoyment as possible to every family. Do our best to turn the troubles and dangers of industrial work in popular impression into high efficiency and safety in the modern sense.

Advanced CNC Equipment

In order to manufacture more precise woodworking tools, Levoite has introduced the world's leading manufacturing equipment,and constantly upgrade the equipment to ensure the reliability and stability of the product.We continue to invest in technology and excellent design talent.Our goal is to be your go-to DIY resource – for everything you need to build both your projects and your confidence.

Levoite Woodworking Tools


Levoite Mission

More Than Just Products

Anyone can just sell products, but it takes a much deeper commitment to back them up with quality education, advice and support.We want you to enjoy your woodworking experience and produce successful projects you can be proud of.

"Green" Products

We're also committed to the future of woodworking, DIY, and the natural resources that make woodworking possible.That's why we strive to provide "green" products, to emphasize recycling and support sustainable forest growth.

Customer Stories

From envisioning a project in your head and desiring it in your heart, your hands will do the work and guide you through the process.We love hearing from our customers and how they use our products. we prefer to listen more about some that have really moved us.

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Levoite innovative Design

Every item in our curated collection passes through a rigorous quality control process ensures an elite product that not only longs to be seen, but is increasingly precision and robust.we are there for you every step of the way to support and cheer you on throughout your building journey.

Levoite™ Premium Honing Guide Sled

Honing Guide Sled

Workbench Vise

Workbench Vise

Levoite™ Hand Sanding Sandpaper Holder Aluminum

Hand Sanding Sandpaper Holder

Workbench Clamping Kit

Workbench Clamping Kit

Precision Saddle Square

Precision Saddle Square

Classic Doweling Jig

Levoite Guarantee


In woodworking practice,some traditional methods often bring us frustration,and even some specific jobs lack corresponding tools to help.That's why LEVOITE decided to develop good tools.We strive to make tools be easy to use,possess superior performance and durability,and be trusted every time it is used.We want our customers from professional woodworker to hobbyist and DIYer to feel confident in building their wood projects with LEVOITE tools in hand.


We ship worldwide! Orders processed in the US will take 7-11 business days to arrive. For international orders, it can take between 7-15 business days for your product to arrive, depending on where you live.Levoite™ offers shipping via USPS,FeDEx and DHL or Air. We provide free worldwide shipping for all orders . The details are subject to the order display.Although we make every effort to ensure the shipping cost illustrated by our web site is accurate, sometimes it is not. We reserve the right to make corrections. In addition, splitting up orders into multiple shipments will generally result in increased shipping charges.


Returns for a full refund are honored within 30 days of purchase. Merchandise must be in original packaging as well as any additional packaging necessary to protect from shipping damage. All shipping costs are the responsibility of customer. No returns on videos, books or cutting tools. No returns after 30 days.


Send us a brief description, sketch or picture. We'll give you an honest answer as quick as we can as to whether it's something we can help with. Keep in mind that we have a number of people that do nothing but develop woodworking tool ideas so there's always a chance we're working on something similar. If that's the case, we'll tell you right up front. Email your ideas to support@levoite.com