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The 3 Best Cabinet Hardware Jig Kitchen Door Cabinet Handle Jig Cabinet Handle Template or Installation of Handles and Knobs

Cabinet hardware jig, install knobs & pulls with easy, repeatable accuracy, moveable edge guide & measuring scales for precise positioning, adjustable drill guides ensure straight holes, built-in measuring scales for repeatable results, versatile for mounting single & multi-hole knobs, adjustable edge guide for easy positioning, strong, lightweight materials for easy handling, durable hardened steel drill guides.

There are a lot of cabinet hardware jigs out there. I’ve used quite a few. Most of them work fine for standard 3″ (maybe up to 4 or 5″) pulls for door handles. And they leave a lot to be desired when drilling holes on wide surfaces, like drawer fronts.  What if you have longer door pulls, like I did on my linen cabinet? And what if you don’t want to have to measure the center of every single drawer front to correctly place that old hardware jig?

Levoite™ Pro Cabinet Hardware Jig for Handle and Knob Adjustable Drill Guide

【The Original Cabinet Hardware Jig】
  ★(4 main installation functions)

I've been in the remodeling trade for 36 years and I found this jig very easy to set-up and use. Absolutely perfect alignment every time. Being able to flip the jig over for side by side doors really makes install fast without having to reset the jig. I used this jig on 5 piece drawer fronts with a flat panel. I had no problem with lining up the drill bit even though the jig did not sitting tightly on the flat panel. If you have basic experience using a drill then you will be fine because the bearing guide helps keep the drill bit straight. I would absolutely recommend this jig for the novice and pro alike!

Levoite™ Cabinet handle template cabinet hardware template drawer pull jig cabinet pull jig

If the handle of your cabinet is 32MM, 64MM, 96MM, 128MM, 192MM, 224MM, you don't need to buy an oversized jig, you don't need to invest hundreds of dollars, you can easily complete the installation of your cabinet handles and knobs with only a few dozen dollars .

cabinet handle template cabinet hardware template knob template pull template

drawer pull template cabinet hardware template cabinet handle template

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Levoite™ Cabinet Hardware Template for Handle and Knob

All metal material, sturdy and durable. During the drilling process, the metal material will effectively avoid the problems of melting caused by high temperature and cracks caused by rapid vibration.

1. Fast cabinet door drawer knob handle installation.
2. Accurate hole punch make installation easy.
3. Clear scales and adjustable width fits for 50 to 170mm.
4.Height Range: 15-65mm
4. Working without any clamp.
5. Save time and make your  work efficient.
6. Made of aluminum alloy, durable and lightweight, easy to carry.

cabinet knob template cabinet pull template

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