Levoite™ Self Centering Doweling Jig & Center Gauge


Description :

Levoite Self Centering Doweling Jig Punch Locator Dowel Jig Kit with Drill Guide Sleeve for Woodworking Joinery.This self centering doweling Jig design offers automatic self-centering and clamping that is particularly well suited for narrow stock and end grain.more suitable for creating different wood pin joints.Self Centering Dowelling Jig Metric Dowel 6/8/10mm Drilling Tools for woodworking.

Levoite™ Self Centering Doweling Jig Kit for Joinery

Feature :

  • Levoite Doweling Jig easily and accurately find the center of a board’s edge every time; no measuring and no tedious trial and error adjustments required.This makes it the perfect tool for both mortise and tenon layout and drilling dead-on aligned dowel joint holes.
  • This layout tool takes all the guesswork out of precisely marking-out mortise and tenon joints that are centered exactly on your stock. Based on the never-fail reliability of a parallelogram, the Center Gauge features two, precision-machined parallel arms that quickly adjust to the stock thickness, placing the center bar dead center on the material. Just use a pencil, marking knife or scribe tool to mark out the center bar location on your stock– and you’re done!
  • To switch to doweling mode, remove the marking bar and attach the doweling jig bar. To use, simply align the precision-machined notches on the jig’s doweling bar with the dowel location mark on your board, hold the jig and drill. Slide the jig to the next location, align and drill. No need to clamp the jig or tighten knobs. 


  • The second alignment feature lets you drill a series of equally spaced holes along the edge of a board. Just attach the supplied pin in the center bar, insert the pin in a hole and drill more holes.

Why Choose Levoite Self Centering Doweling Jig & Center Gauge ?

When you drop the Center Gauge on the edge of your stock and squeeze the two sides together,the marking bar is perfectly centered on your stock.It can'the lp it.It's simple geometry.The middle of a parallelogram is the middle of a parallelogram no matter how close or faraway the top and bottom are from eachother.the first and easiest thing to do with this tool is to drop a pencil point into the hole in the marking bar and scribe the exact center of your stock.“Well,that's only its first trick.Each of the stainless-steel interchangeable marking bars has a
specific width.You can layout mortise sand tenons perfectly centered on your stock just as easily as you pinpointed dead center.If that is n't enough, change the center bar again and you have an indexable dowel ing jig.

  • So Fast, So Easy, So Accurate. The arms of self centering dowel jig jig are an always-reliable parallelogram that never fails to find dead center. Simply align the precision-machined notch on the jig's center bar with the dowel location mark on your board, hold the jig and drill.
  • Attach the jig's adjustable center bar end-stop for drilling two or three precisely spaced end grain holes. This feature allows perfect alignment of face frame stiles and top and bottom rails. The handy inch scale lets you accurately set the stop.
  • Adjustable width for different thick,For stock from 5/8" to a full 1” thick and more. The parallel arms open to accommodate stock up to 2.4” thick.
  • High quality aluminum (drill guide) and die steel(bushing),high hardness and strength,good wear-resistant and durable to use

Customer Reviews

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Daniel C.

This jig is well put together, the anodizing is nice, and all the tolerances that matter for accurate dowel holes are good. I really like this style of doweling jig. I have one of the thumbscrew type centering jigs that I've used for years and it works ok but is prone to error if I don't make my spacing lines precise or if I'm not careful lining up when I clamp the jig to the work. This style jig takes all the measuring and careful alignment steps out of the equation and I can make as many accurate and repeatable dowel holes as I want very quickly.

Andrew Vasta

This product makes dowel joints easy. I’ve tried other jigs but they were not as accurate as this one, so I continued to struggle to get my joints correctly positioned.
This jig is so simple, I will use it as my ‘go to’ for woodworking joints.