Cabinet Hardware Jig for Handles, Adjustable Template with Convenient and Precise Installation for Door and Drawer Knobs,Pulls

The Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Adjustable Template for Installation of Handles and Knobs on Doors and Drawer Fronts

The Original Cabinet Handle Jig - Adjustable Template For Fast And Accurate Installation Of Door And Drawer Front Knobs, Pulls And Handles - Professional Drill Guide.

When fitting cabinet handles and knobs, it’s tempting to jump in and eyeball the measurements. We think it will take less time that way. Instead, we risk doing irreparable damage to our cabinets. Once a handle is misaligned or a knob is off-center, there’s no going back.

template for cabinet hardware

There is an alternative to reckless freestyling or the tedium of individually measuring each cabinet. That alternative is called the cabinet hardware jig. 

It’s a great pick for DIY’ers who want to do their home renovation projects but aren’t ready for anything too complicated. This tool not only produces accurate measurements for handle and knob placement.

What We Like

  • Pre-drilled holes allow for quicker, more accurate drilling.
  • Perfect for DIY home renovators who don’t need anything too fancy.

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic pieces will wear down over time.
  • L-brackets are not completely effective at holding the jig in place during drilling

A cabinet hardware jig is an adjustable tool designed to allow accurate, repeated drilling of cabinet handle and knob holes. A jig is commonly designed in a “T” shape with two intersecting rulers that allow for fast and infinite hole layouts on doors and drawers. These jigs feature steel guide bushings and locking screws for ease of use and durability.

Accuracy Installation

There’s a phrase we are probably all familiar with in the world of carpentry: “measure twice, cut once.” In other words, check your work, because once you’ve cut something, you can’t undo it. 

We can say that about drilling a fitting for a cabinet, too. Once we drill a hole, there’s no going back. We have to either start over with a new piece of wood or live with a wonky knob or handle on a drawer or cabinet door. With a cabinet jig, we don’t have to worry about inaccurate measurements.

When we install cabinet doors or even build our kitchen hardware from scratch, we want our drawers to be centered, our handles straight, and the hardware for each cabinet identical.

Precision is key, and a cabinet hardware jig ensures that your holes are drilled in exactly the right place. Some jigs even come with metal bushings to guide drilling.

Using a jig during a woodworking project will help us keep our cuts consistent when we have to cut multiple pieces of wood to the same dimensions.

Why choose levoite pro?

Levoite is a professional woodworking tools manufacturer since 2004,designing, producing,and sales kinds of tools for CNC jig and hand Tools.

We have proudly made high-quality, specialty woodworking tools more than 18 years.out of frustration for lack of quality hand tools for installing cabinets,
Levoite Tools was born and now produces hand tools for both Professional Tradesmen and DIY’ers.

Punch Locator is perfectly works on any cabinet door handles, cabinet pulls, knobs, hinge plates. The edges of all rulers and sliding drill guides are upgraded by chamfer, more smooth, protect your hands and furniture surface, no scratch.

Wide Application

Our cabinet jig is ideal for installing kitchen drawers, cabinets, cupboards, door handles and drawer fronts, hinge, Or Shelf. A good accessory and helper for woodwork.

Both Inch and Metric

This cabinet hardware jig has an inch and centimeter scale for easy reading, The vertical scale and horizontal scale form a coordinate system to accurately position the position.


The cabinet hardware jig made of high quality Anodized alumina, longtime use. Detachable and fast assembly template hardware jig, can be disassembled into small parts for easily carry.


Precise Workmanship

The scale number of a ruler is carved by laser. Therefore, it is very clear and precise, and will not fade due to long-term use.

  • PRECISE CABINET HARDWARE JIG: Our tool accessories tool owns with tolerances of ±0.0002” by CNC machine tools and calibrated to .001” square, which ensures the position of straight holes in every time, saving your time and errors.
  • SAVING YOUR OPERATING TIME: Equipped with a cabinet handle template tool, the speed of installation will be greatly improved. And flip the tool over after the right door is completed,it’s already easy setup for the left door,which will perfectly save your time. For a carpenter, don't miss this cabinet template tool

Keith Lehner

The Jig All was a well needed tool for never doing cabinets before. It made the layout and drilling precise and accurate. Will never install hardware without it again.

Brandon Hann

As a recently new homeowner, I have become quite the DIY'er and my tool box is filling up with various "use only one time" tools, but as a perfectionist, I always try to get the right tools for the right job. To be honest, I didn't even bother with all the other plastic options I found for this task and I certainly wasn't going to try and line up the cabinet holes with a tape measure and a steady eye.

Steven Greenberg
I'm a professional renovation contractor. My biggest fear is drilling hole is expensive cabinets that I just installed and putting them in the wrong place. Also when I have twenty or so handles to install the more repetition I can do, the faster I can get done. This jig, ( actually a tool as jig is to unkind a description) allows for accuracy, repetition, and no errors ( if you're paying attention!). The best thing is that you can set up to center a pull or knob on a set of drawers and even if the depth of the drawer front changes you will still be centered, just reset for the depth.

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