Levoite™ Cam and Dowel Jig Kit System


LEVOITE® Woodworking Tool Expert
Levoite 3 IN 1 Cam and Dowel Jig Kit for furniture fast connecting cam fitting drilling locator.Easy to operate and use, 3 in 1 adjustable doweling jig furniture cam and dowel Jig minifix Jig kit.The system creates quick, easy accurate and strong joints using dowels in virtually any configuration that can be flush, offset, mitered, face type, t-type, double or triple row, and of any length or thickness. 

Customer Reviews

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J. Campbell

This little jig from Levoite helps you drill holes for those great cam-type connectors you find in european flat-pak furniture. I've never seen anything like this before so I had to have it!It's machined out of billet aluminum with precision markings that help with getting the jig set up properly. Everything feels very high quality.

In addition to the cam jig it also comes with a doweling jig that helps with drilling sets of identically spaced holes for dowels.

Michael Miller

This jig is well-built and does the job of keeping everything straight and centered. The different sizes make it easy to accommodate the job you drilling. Working great for me, this jig is recommended!

Ramadi Major

Excellent tool addition that assists in creating perfectly straight holes. Works as advertised. No issues. Well made.