Levoite™ Precision Box and Cabinet Clamp Pair



Versatile Woodworking Clamps for Quick and Easy 90 Degree Joints.
Levoite clamping accessory; Precision Box and Cabinet Clamp is a simple device that eliminates the hassle of using heavy, expensive bar clamps for assembling boxes, drawers and especially full size cabinets. With the Box Clamp, you can dry-fit and square up all your parts at the same time without any bulky clamps and before having to use any glue, screws or nails. Once your project is held together with the Box Clamps, you can immediately install any type of screws (even pocket screws) or nails because all of the corner joints are left fully accessible. The Box Clamps are designed for any 90 degrees joint, including butt joints, lap joints, T-joints, miter joints, box joints, dovetails and more, even if material is extending past the face. 

Precision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for Woodworking
  • PERFECT SQUARE ALIGNMENT - Box Clamps ensure your box and case projects maintain flawless square alignment, enabling precise joinery, layout work, and fastener installation. The innovative low-profile wedge system guarantees square corners, even accommodating different stock thicknesses of 1/4" to a full 1”.
  • EFFORTLESS JOINT ALIGNMENT - Achieve quick and perfect 90° joint alignment for glue-ups or dry fits by utilizing the scale molded into the base. As the clamp tightens, equal pressure is applied, pulling both parts into precise alignment effortlessly.
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY - These clamps work great on butt joints, miters, dadoes, rabbets; through or half-blind dovetails and box joints even when material overhangs the joint face.
  • VERSATILE USAGE - With the ability to be used flat on a table or as a hand-held clamp, these box clamps offer flexibility in application. Switching between modes is quick and effortless, ensuring convenience without being confined to one specific method.
  • POCKET-HOLE JOINERY COMPANION - For pocket-hole joinery enthusiasts, these clamps are a game-changer. They prevent joint creeping, ensuring your assembly stays perfectly square while you focus on driving the screws.
Size :‎ 6.5 x 6 x 2.75 inch
Material : Polycarbonate 
Item Weight‎ :1.14 pounds 
    Precision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingLevoite BC4-M2 Box ClampLevoite Precision BC4-M2 Box Clamp 4 PCSPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision Box Clamp Box Joint Clamp Cabinet Box Clamp BC4-M2Precision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingBC4-M2 Box Clamp Box Joint ClampPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for WoodworkingPrecision BC4-M2 Box Clamp for Woodworking

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Christopher Scriven

      Good product convenient to work with it, I recommend.

      Jeff S.

      Very nice and useful - wish I had more.

      A little pricey but love them.

      These box clamps are brain-dead simple to set up. I have mine set up with the knobs, not the allen bolt, and, once the slanted stop is centered, and the clamp is properly adjusted for the thickness of stock that you are using, these things are a joy to use. They slip on easily and tighten well.

      James B.
      Will purchase from them again

      These clamps are great. Looking forward to getting a few more of them.
      Far exceed fiddling with bar clamps or corner clamps.

      Austin R.W.
      Worth the money

      I purchased one set of these to try and they work great. Makes very accurate and square drawers.

      Gregory A.

      These are great. I make small boxes at times, and these are good for 1/4" up to standard 3/4" boards. Easy to adjust.

      Christopher C.

      Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Designed in a way that you can adjust the seam while it's attached and will hold the wood however you set it. Will buy again.

      Keevin Jones
      Five Stars

      works good, liked them. Makes squaring up a joint much simpler.would like to purchase a few more later.

      Raymond Chavez
      A must have for box joints pocket hole joinery

      Great product I am using these for a box joint project worked very well and glue does not stick to these.

      Richard Grondin
      Awesome product

      Quick and easy clamping! Great value for the money